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How to Write a Good Article

How to Write a Good Article Do you want to write articles that will earn you millions of readership while you also earn from it? What if I told you that I can teach you how to write compelling pieces that can be posted on the best blogs available today and shared by thousands on social media? Someone once said that everyone wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to die. Nothing could be further from the truth. As you follow my lead on these four important tips for writing a great article, it is my prayer that you will religiously follow these steps way after you are done reading this article. So help you, God! Research your Foundation Most aspiring, even seasoned writers face writer’s block. Writer’s block can be defined as a creative meltdown process where a writer can no longer have a lucid, free-flow of ideas to pen down. Nevertheless, you won’t spend the rest of your life having a pity party and fall apart like a two-dollar suitcase. Great article writing demands that you spend a reasonable amount of time expanding your pot of ideas. You may not be a fun of cricket, but at the same time, you can’t write the compelling piece about the game if you don’t understand its’ rules. Brainstorm on your topic, do a proper research and get your facts right. Come up with sub-headings that serve to link the readers to the key topic. Visit libraries, speak to people knowledgeable in that field and use online resources to dig out collaborative sources of information to make your article authentic. Essentially all work is done here at the preparation stage; proper research will lead to the great article. Go for topics that you are passionate about but also worthwhile to your target audience. An enthusiastic approach to your article will engage the audience and prolong its shelf life way after the writer has moved on. The title tells it all The title of your article has the potential to either make you or break you. It doesn’t matter if you write your title first before you do the story or vice versa. You must have a catchy title that draws in your reader, in business terms, this is called the USP- Unique Selling Position. Of what value is it to the reader if he takes his time to read through their article? An effective headline is a teaser that tells us what the article is all about without giving away much but promises a particular value to the reader. Presenting your idea Lead The article should begin with a hook, this is crucial to get your readers glued to what you are talking about. There are various methods to introduce your article and this includes but not limited to the use of shocking statistics or facts, posting a thought- provoking the question, debunking conventional myths or sharing some personal information. Paint a picture Novelty to your article is the definition of your artistic ability to tell the story. Any great article must be written in a creative, coherent and sequential manner that is easy for the reader to read, comprehend, learn and also be entertained. This is where you  prioritize events/ actions, choice of words and their timing on when and where they appear will have an overall effect on your article. A little bit of humor can go a long way in making your article interesting although this should be used sparingly. Too much of humor can water down its intended effect to the reader. The same applies to the use of vocabularies and terminologies. Not unless you are writing a scientific article and you are compelled to write terminologies not known to the average reader, stick to words commonly used in our day to day conversation. Whatever it is you are writing about, etch a mental picture into the mind of the reader as they read along.

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Secret Techniques for Essay Topics for Teenager That Only the Pros Know

Secret Techniques for Essay Topics for Teenager That Only the Pros Know Essay Topics for Teenager: No Longer a Mystery You expect your kid to obey you with regard to choosing career, subjects, school or college. A great deal of students went for institution have never were made to deal with long targets. As a rule, they hesitate which topic to pick the one that tutor proposed or choose by yourself. In high school honors classes, they will have a book and binder for every class. Though cellphones are essential for high school students in conditions of their safety, they ought to nevertheless be prohibited from use during classes. Children do not understand how common cyber identity theft on Facebook is should you provide too many personal facts about yourself. Cyber bullying is actually not any different than traditional bullying. It is one of the most common forms of bullying. Excellent excellent examples have a tendency to be maximizing around way crashes along with thieves. Technology is part of our future and we have to embrace it and make the most of its complete potential. Social networking is the main reason for lots of the world's problems and solutions. Avoiding social media can be extremely tough. Essay Topics for Teenager Secrets Because teens are social and more inclined to be influenced by peers, they are more vulnerable to influences of social networking. What's true about virtually all of teenagers is that it's a time of self-discov ery and maturity. When a teenager requires a car the teen needs to have a duty to look after the vehicle, and respect other drivers. Not every teenager is exactly the same! The degree of drug abuse in america has increased a lot hence resulting in the creation of whether some drugs ought to be legalized in the nation or not. To greatly increase child safety online, you have to decrease the possibility of online stalking. As a consequence, it can be argued out that drug abuse causes damage to human beings and ought to be avoided at all cost regardless of the fact some individuals still believe that drug abuse is harmless. Furthermore, drug abuse is harmful as it promotes the spreading of damaging diseases through drugs that must be injected directly within the body. The Hidden Truth About Essay Topics for Teenager Vast majority of them are also alienated from their parents and family members and don't get adequate parental advice and attention because they are either away in school or busy browsing the world wide web. Social networking encourages the false images of how everything ought to be in an ideal world. They has caused the mental health o f young people to deteriorate. They should be an entertaining thing for all people to be able to play games, and connect with distant friends and family. One of the primary positive points about teenagers utilizing the web is the abundance of knowledge readily available to them, to which people of the previous generations didn't have access. Via the internet, forums can be obtained and through forums, individuals are in a position to trade information and share opinions with one another. The accessibility onto websites like twitter, facebook, and instagram shouldn't be so effortless. With virtual relationships and friendships given more relevance over the actual ones, it's high time that we regulate the degree of internet exposure supplied to our children. You may visit our site if you're attempting to locate a finest paper crafting assistance and want to make sure your essays will likely be put together based upon the needs you've got and due dates. Our essay penning service is surely tailor-made to ensure you in shape a person's budget. With our customized essay offer, you can be certain to get any sort of essay help you're lo oking for. You must think carefully about the variety of vocabulary. Avoiding the aforementioned collection of common pitfalls for your essays should make certain you receive far better marks. Essay authoring is the most likely the main specialized. Writing an essay is a great means of developing your communication and research abilities. The last couple of sentences in your essay are astoundingly important. It should have a logical conclusion. Finding the correct articlesto support your persuasive essay is a little more challenging. Drug abuse has unfortunately come to be a social norm and the cycle should be put to a conclusion. Social anxiety can put kids and teens in fear of the actual Earth, and lead them to develop into socially-isolated. A study performed by the National Alliance of Mental Illness in 2011 proved that individuals who feel socially-isolated are at heightened risk of suicide. Mental wellbeing, such as anxiety, is a significant issue that appears to be dwelling in the shadows of more physical health issues.

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Communication Is A Field That Needs Dramatic Improvement

Communication Communication is another field that needs dramatic improvement. We are just beginning to see the power of the computer network and all that it will bring to improve teaching and communications. Already it has increased the ease of teacher-administrator communication, which is essential to keeping teachers happy and informed. Our progress at Dougherty Middle School has been significant; however, we are still climbing. Thus there remains much work to be done. Dougherty International Education Middle School (DIEMS) is the first school in the school district to offer a comprehensive International Studies curriculum for middle school students. Under the leadership of Dr. Sally Whatley, superintendent, the Dougherty County School System developed a system plan that allows interested students to follow an international studies curriculum academic track beginning at International Studies Elementary Charter School continuing through Dougherty International Education Middle School and ending with graduation from Dougherty Comprehensive High School. Traditional academic subjects are a part of the program, but it also emphasizes the interrelatedness of knowledge and skills through a trans-disciplinary program of inquiry. The IB curriculum framework and methodology are planned around carefully selected interdisciplinary thematic units that are relevant and significant to students and that help students develop in-depth understanding of issues and concepts. TheShow MoreRelatedArea Studies and Globalism: A Holistic View of Humanity712 Words   |  3 PagesArea studies are often defined as interdisciplinary fields of research and scholarship that combine a number of disciplines that focus on a particular cultural, national or geographical region. It is really an umbrella for studies that may take a wide path and include subjects like history, literature, geography, sociology, religion, anthropology, political science, economics and history. The idea is to look at a broader base of study and attempt to provide holism. Instead of stu dying a single countryRead MoreKaizen : The Key Of Japan s Competitive Success By Masaaki Imai973 Words   |  4 PagesMasaaki Imai was published in 1986 by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. This book addresses how the Japanese have stayed competitive in the realm of manufacturing. Kaizen is the philosophy behind much of this success. It essentially means ongoing improvement from everyone within an organization-top management, managers, and workers(Imai xxix). According to Imai, the concept of Kaizen is crucial to identifying key distinctions between Western and Eastern management concepts. Kaizen in the East is synonymousRead MoreHealth Care Industry Paper1546 Words   |  7 Pageswere in the best interest for the economy and for the improvement of the healthcare industry as a whole. In this paper the author will attempt to explain how the healthcare industry has changed over the last 10 years, the biggest change in healthcare in the next 10 years, and the role the author plan to have in the health care industry in the near future. The author will also explain how she would adapt her skills along with the industry’s needs, and how her perception has changed over the courseRead MoreField Service Division of Dmi1213 Words   |  5 PagesASSESSMENT 1: The Field Service Division of DMI DMI: Use of Technology in Business Re-Engineering The study brings about many issues encountered by Diversified Manufacturing, Inc.: some explicit and others merely implied implicitly. Field Service Divisions are important parts of organizations operating in manufacturing industries. As technology becomes more and more involved in the production process and the after sales services, it is crucial for companies to develop their Field Service businessRead MoreEssay932 Words   |  4 Pagesdoubt, This adoption of ICT in tertiary institutions has been nothing short of dramatic and rapid at the same time. Kathuria (2015), is adamant that ICT stands to enhance educational mechanisms in both developed and developing countries. This is despite the fact that there exists a sense of challenge relating to the high dynamisms of ICT in commonplace work environments of today. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that improvement in ICT serves the purposes of making work easier for people. As more powerfulRead MoreAnalyzing Customer Satisfaction of Sa msung Mobile Phones1118 Words   |  4 PagesToday, communication is one of the gifts of man. It acts as a repository of wisdom, a propeller for the advancement of knowledge and a telescope to view the vision of the future. Communication is the life blood of business. In our day to day life telecommunication is the most important media for communication. It makes our job easier. Products are manufactured by company in order to meet the consumer needs and wants. A product which fails to satisfy the consumer, will fail in the market soonRead MoreEssay on National Security973 Words   |  4 Pagesstatement, â€Å"In a few minutes, I will sign into law the most dramatic reform of our nations intelligence capabilities since President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947. â€Å" The reason that I feel that this statement is so profound is that it took a stateside terrorist attack to realize that there was a discrepancy with the way that the intelligence commun ity operated. In these times many can not go two years without the need to purchase the next big thing. The way that any communityRead MoreCritical Aspects Of Managing Hospitality Properties1604 Words   |  7 Pagesto the run of this division in other words. In general, rooms division is basically made up by such sub-departments as front office and housekeeping. Front office is often referred to as the heart of the house, which not only plays the role of communication hub and revenue generating department, but also bears responsibility for first and last impression of guests as well as their satisfaction during their stay with the properties. Meanwhile, housekeeping could also be taken as an integral and elementaryRead MoreNursing Career : A Family Member With A Chronic Disease And Incapable Of Helping Them1747 Words   |  7 Pagesbeginning of time, only men were allowed to practice nursing because they were seen as being more pure than women. Nightingale had a belief that wom en should be well educated in science principles and health lifestyle because then they could have a dramatic improvement in the care of sick patients. She also believed that nursing was able to provide an independent calling and social freedom for women because during the time women did not have many career options. Within months a grateful public knew of theRead More Occupational Therapy Essay1606 Words   |  7 Pagescleaning, working and the patients sex life. A physical examination is conducted extensively concentrating on range of motion. Observations of deformities are noted because they may hinder the performance of the patient. The therapist assesses the need for splints or supports which might benefit the patient and helps design specific assistive devices. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;â€Å"It is the job of the occupational therapist to innovate plans to overcome the imposed limitations while helping the

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Load a DLL From a Resource Directly From Memory

Article idea by Mark E. Moss The article how to store a DLL inside a Delphi program exe file as a resource explains how to ship a DLL with your Delphi application executable file as a resource. Dynamic link libraries contain sharable code or resources, they provide the ability for multiple applications to share a single copy of a routine (or resource) they have in common. Using resource (.RES) files, you can embed (and use) sound files, video clips, animations and more generally any kind of binary files in a Delphi executable. Loading DLLs From Memory if a DLL stored in a RES can be used without first saving it on the file system (hard disk) According to the article Loading a DLL from memory by Joachim Bauch, this is possible. Heres how Joachim looks at the issue: The default windows API functions to load external libraries into a program (LoadLibrary, LoadLibraryEx) only work with files on the filesystem. Its therefore impossible to load a DLL from memory. But sometimes, you need exactly this functionality (e.g. you dont want to distribute a lot of files or want to make disassembling harder). Common workarounds for this problems are to write the DLL into a temporary file first and import it from there. When the program terminates, the temporary file gets deleted. The code in the mentioned article is C, the next step was to convert it to Delphi. Luckily, this has already been done by Martin Offenwanger (the author of DSPlayer). Memory Module by Martin Offenwanger is an extended Delphi (and also Lazarus) compatible version of Joachim Bauchs C Memory Module 0.0.1. The zip package includes the complete Delphi source code of the MemoyModule (BTMemoryModule.pas). Furthermore theres a Delphi and sample included to demonstrate how to use it. Loading DLLs From Resources From Memory If a demo DLL is stored as a resource using the RC file: DemoDLL RCDATA DemoDLL.dll varms : TMemoryStream;rs : TResourceStream;beginif 0 FindResource(hInstance, DemoDLL, RT_RCDATA) thenbeginrs : TResourceStream.Create(hInstance, DemoDLL, RT_RCDATA);ms : TMemoryStream.Create;tryms.LoadFromStream(rs);ms.Position : 0;m_DllDataSize : ms.Size;mp_DllData : GetMemory(m_DllDataSize);ms.Read(mp_DllData^, m_DllDataSize);finallyms.Free;rs.Free;end;end;end; varbtMM: PBTMemoryModule;beginbtMM : BTMemoryLoadLibary(mp_DllData, m_DllDataSize);tryif btMM nil then Abort;m_TestCallstd : BTMemoryGetProcAddress(btMM, TestCallstd);if m_TestCallstd nil then Abort;m_TestCallstd(This is a Dll Memory call!);exceptShowmessage(An error occoured while loading the dll: BTMemoryGetLastError);end;if Assigned(btMM) then BTMemoryFreeLibrary(btMM);end; Have / Create a DLLStore the DLL in a RES fileHave BTMemoryModule implementation.Grab the DLL from the resource and load it directly into memory.Use BTMemoryModule methods to execute procedure from the DLL in memory. BTMemoryLoadLibary in Delphi 2009, 2010, ... The linked BTMemoryModule.pas does not work with Delphi 2009 (and I would assume Delphi 2010 also).I found a similar version of the BTMemoryModule.pas file a while ago, and made changes so it works with (at least) Delphi 2006, 2007 and 2009. My updated BTMemoryModule.pas, and a sample project, are at BTMemoryLoadLibary for Delphi 2009

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Essay Three Types of Love - 1072 Words

Three types of love: eros, philos and agape. Love is a concept that one can explain with many different words. It is very easy to tell the definition of love but difficult to live in the real life. Love is something that is intrinsically in our nature. One can definite love, but one cannot dictate how, when and where love expresses itself. Plato, an old Greek philosopher describes three types of love in his book the Banquet. All of these classifications of love do happen in the human world, although every single person shows how they differ greatly in his or her life. In that Greek language, love can be classified as eros, philos, or agape. Each one depends upon the relationship of the people experiencing the love. In the first†¦show more content†¦Philos, the second of the three classifications of love in Greek language and philosophy, is more commonly called fraternal love. However, this does not mean that the relationships formed from it only happen among males, females or in biological families. Instead, philos signifies a sense of affiliation formed by sharing one’s life deeply with whomever one chooses. This could be a life partner or simply a good friend that the person has come to trust. To someone outside the philos style relationship, it could look a lot like eros when a man and a woman become that close, but as long as those in the friendship know and don’t exceed their own limits, philos love can continue to unite them as platonic brother and sister for far longer than others expect. For instance, there is a book in the Bible that refers to this kind of love and says: â€Å"Whoever finds one friend has found a treasure† (Sirach 5:14). Some people pref er to say that the first love that someone feels is the philos love; nevertheless, philos comes in a higher level because one has to purify the first attraction to another person, purify the simple erotic love, and mutate it to something more transcendental. But there must not be eros love in order to feel the philos love. Many people experience fluctuating degrees of thisShow MoreRelated Twelfth Night Essays: Three Types of Love930 Words   |  4 PagesThree Types of Love in Twelfth Night      Ã‚   In the play Twelfth Night, Shakespeare explores and illustrates the emotion of love with precise detail. According to Websters New World Dictionary, love is defined as a strong affection or liking for someone. Throughout the play Shakespeare examines three different types of love: true love, self love and friendship. Twelfth Night consists of a large number of love triangles, however many of the characters who are tangled up in the webRead MorePersonal Experience: My Weaknesses and Strenghts as a Writer1470 Words   |  6 PagesMandela. Some people say that change is a bad thing, and some say that change is a blessing. Change is what makes us human. It is what enables us to grow wiser and stronger, and it is also what allows us to love, hate, and grow. I have grown so much since I have started the eighth grade in ways that I love, and ways that I have not yet recognized. I have learned and changed greatly throughout mathematics, science, and history, but I have learned the most about writing properly. Throughout the year, I haveRead MoreArranged Marriage And Other Types Of Marriage1635 Words   |  7 Pagesor groom has is based on the type of arranged marriage (Psychology Wiki). Arranged marriage is a sensitive topic as it involves the values, beliefs and core characteristics of many people. T here are multiple views on arranged marriage, both positive and negative. In the west, most individuals have negative opinions on arranged marriage. Arranged marriage can be researched and analyzed from an anthropological, psychological and sociological perspective. Through the three perspectives, many distinctiveRead MoreChild Discipline Expository Writing1576 Words   |  7 Pageslife to teaching people about civil rights that every human being deserves. She wrote an essay in which she addresses her personal view on the way children should not be hit under any circumstances, because it neglects love; according to her, love and abuse cannot coexist. However, it is unfair to claim that a slap on the hand is considered abuse, and that if parents commit this type of action, they do not love their child. There is a huge difference between physical punishment and child abuse. A childRead MoreBases Of Evaluating Essay Writing965 Words   |  4 PagesEvaluating Essay Writing They are lots of different ways to writing college essays. Just have to follow them so our their essays look correct. These are the types of steps everyone has to have in order to get a very good grade on their paper. They also have to make sure that they put lots of descriptive details in order to add information on their essays so they could explain more details in their essays. The three steps you need are very important to have on your paper. The three steps you needRead MoreMy Failure Is A Self Fulfilling Prophecy Essay1138 Words   |  5 Pagesthat if I cannot give a task my best, I will not give the task a single drop of my energy. The prediction of my failure is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am finding that with the release of my pride my wings have the space to unfurl. Over the past three months I have written, edited, and rewritten more than I did during all the time I spent bound to an unforgiving chair in a chillingly white classroom with an instructor who droned on l ifelessly. â€Å"Act as if you re a writer. Sit down and begin† (DaniRead MoreBases Of Evaluating Essay Writing941 Words   |  4 Pages Bases of Evaluating Essay Writing There are several steps to follow when writing college essays. A student must follow them, so essays can be written correctly. These are the steps that a student must follow in order to get a good grade on a paper. A Students must make sure to put lots of descriptive details and information in their essays. The three concepts a student needs to evaluate their college essay are called coherence, unity, and support. First of allRead MoreI Was 10 Years Old When I Received My First Formal Writing Essay954 Words   |  4 PagesI was 10 years old when I received my first formal essay assignment. This assignment set me on a path of writing fear and has been something I could not fix for nearly 30 years. Formal writing has always been a fear of mine, for a very long time. Over the years, I have been hesitant to attend any college for fear of writing assignments and classes that will be required. In the beginning of this essay, I describe how the fear of formal writing happened, the reasons it has continued to affect my confidenceRead MoreTypes of Relationships755 Words   |  4 PagesVinash Persad Expository Essay Wk2 Three Types of Relationships Human relationships have always perplexed me. These seemingly simple bonds between people can amount to so much and cause such commotion that lives change drastically within minutes in these relationships. Especially in the fast changing world of today. In my piece I am going to be telling you about the three types of relationships I see taking place. Over time, I have asked myself three questions, finding the answers alongRead MoreHome: Love and Ford Essay1210 Words   |  5 PagesMitchell Wix Wix 1 English 122 Glen Silva Sec. 2738 Essay #2: Compare and Contrast Each person has different ideas on where and what home is. Some may say home is where the heart is, others may think home is where one has a solid foundation of memories. In the essay I Must Be Going by Richard Ford, he explains how moving is one of Americans anxieties, yet does is so often; Ford feels home is wherever he makes it. In the essay Homeplace by Scott Russell Sanders, he gives the idea that

Invisable Man - Black Leaders Essay - 2124 Words

At the time that Ralph Ellison writes the novel The Invisible Man there were, as there are today, many ideas on how to improve the black mans status in a segregated nation. Marcus Garvey was a militant black nationalist leader who created a amp;quot;Back to Africaamp;quot; movement. On the other side was Booker T. Washington who preached for racial uplift through educational attainments and economic advancement. A man who strayed more on the middle path was W.E.B. Du Bois. He was less militant than Marcus Garvey but was more so than Booker T. Washington. Ellison uses characters from the novel to represent these men. Marcus Garvey is fictionalized as Ras the Exhorter. Booker T. Washington is given voice by the Reverend Barbee. W.E.B. Du†¦show more content†¦Here was a man who was happy to be black: not only happy but also proud. Garvey’s racial pride movement helped the Harlem Renaissance. Blacks started to express their feelings and thoughts through art and music. Thi s was a time when whites really took a look at black art and culture. Garvey’s most extreme movement was the amp;quot;Back to Africaamp;quot; movement. He called all blacks to return to their true homeland, Africa. To help make this possible Garvey created the Black Star Line in 1919 to provide transportation. He also started the Negro Factories Corporation to encourage black economic independence. Garvey attracted thousands of supporters and had two million members for the UNIA. Garvey’s rise to fame was amazing; speaking to an audience in Colon, Panama in 1921 Garvey said amp;quot;two years ago in New York nobody paid any attention to us. When I use to speak, even the policeman on the beat never noticed me.amp;quot; Depending on whom you talked to Garvey was the new Moses of blacks or a complete madman. In amp;quot;After Marcus Garvey---What?amp;quot; an article in Contemporary Review, Kelly Miller writes that: Marcus Garvey came to the U.S. less than ten years ago, unheralded, unfriended, without acquaintance, relationship, or means of livelihood. This Jamaican immigrant was thirty years old, partially educated, and 100 per cent black. He possessed neither comeliness of appearance nor attractive physical

King Leopolds Ghost Essay Example For Students

King Leopolds Ghost Essay King Leopolds Ghost tells a story of the Belgian King Leopold II and his misrule of an African colony, named (at the time) the Congo Free State. It is a wild and unpleasant story of a mans capacity for evil and the peculiar manifestation of it. In telling this story, Hochschild does a wonderful job of giving detailed descriptions, especially of the colorful individuals involved, both good and bad. His analysis of the situation is very solid, starting with the movement when the Congolese hero (Morel) finds out a very terrible fact and moving on through his (Morel) analysis and actions, all the while telling the story of a treacherous monster. Set in the palaces and boardrooms of Europe and in the villages of central Africa, it tells the story of the tragedy that took place during Leopolds so called rule, a tragedy that is so familiar to African-Americans, being told of our African brothers residing in the homeland. This horror story is just in fact that, a horror story, giving and rev ealing the utter most secrets of the respected King Leopold. Allow me to take you on a journey, pointing out the Kings determination and, reasoning for what hed done and the scars he left deep within the heart of the Congo. In the introduction I stated that Morel was the character that I considered to be the hero of this story, now the main question behind that would be, why? Along with, Who is Morel? His complete name was Edmund Dene Morel; he was a young clerk who worked for a Liverpool based firm where his duties were to supervise the unloading and reloading of the ships arriving in Antwerp, Belgium. As Morel watched the shipments arrive he noticed something, a great amount of ivory and rubber were being transported into Belgium but nothing was being taken out, as the book states: There is no trade going on here. Little or nothing is being exchanged for the rubber and ivorywith almost no goods being sent to Africa to pay for them, he realizes that there can be only one explanation for their source: slave labor. (p.2)With his newfound revelation at hand Morel does not sit still. Demonstrating that he refused to turn a blind eye to what fortune had allowed him to see, he soon becomes active with his ne wfound knowledge. Soon afterward Morel devoted his life to stopping slavery in the Congo. From the early 1900s until after the death of Leopold in 1909, Morel, having become a radical human rights campaigner, used the information smuggled out of the Congo by missionaries and Leopolds employees, to set up the Congo Reform Association (CRA) and mount a campaign that won the support of prominent politicians and churchmen, both in Britain and in the United States. Among these supporters was the highly respected Joseph Conrad (author of Heart of Darkness). So what about this Mr. King Leopold? As of now you must understand that he has done something far worse than inhabit slave labor and import ivory and rubber to have caused such a controversy across the world? Simply, Leopold wanted a colony, any colony to give his position some leverage; he felt that by owning more than just his small country, that hed somehow be validated as a King. Since hed noticed the world flying by him quickly with new developments and technological advancements, not to mention anyone who was anyone owned a piece of the colonialism pie, Leopold just had to have his piece. Leopold feeling squeezed out by the British, French Empires, and the rising power of Germany, studied forms of colonialism from the Dutch East Indies, to the British possession in Indian and Africa. Leopolds regime, despite his studies, differed from those of those of his fellow colonialists. Leopold schemed to build himself a forced labor camp on a massive expanse of central Africa and was qu ite smooth with pulling all of this off. Through methods of bribery, chicanery, brute force and almost supernatural sense of cunning, Leopold had acquired an enormous private colony in Africa and gotten the rest of the worked to accept his claim as legally binding. The Lottery Argumentative EssayThe Congo region was turned from a preservation society into a grotesque forced-labor camp on behalf of Leopold, running on slave labor, enforced by mostly Belgians driving the local population into slavery as porters, road and railroad builders, ivory hunters and rubber gatherers. A typical tactic was to burn down a village and kidnap the women and hold them until the men agreed to whatever demands were made of them. Discipline was arbitrary, fickle and often fatal. Hochschild identifies in the text that, the soldiersattacked the natives until able to seize their women; these women were kept as hostages until the chief of the district brought in the required number of kilograms of rubber. The rubber having been brought, the women were sold back to their owners for a couple of goats apiece, and so he continued from village to village until the requisite amount of rubber had been collected. (p161) Those that refused to cooperate with the officers faced a punishment installed by the officer known as Fievez the text give the example of this stating that, a hundred heads cut off, and there have been plenty of supplies ever since. (p.166) It saddened my heart and practically swept he breath from my lungs to grasp the mental picture of theses traumatized men, possibly haven starved for days and severely malnutrition, strapped, chained, and bound to one another, walking in syncopation, all the while straining their necks and possibly giving themselves a headache for the sake of possibly saving a limb, or a family member. Another horror of this was the during the expeditions, force publique soldiers were instructed to bring back a hand or head for each bullet fired, to make sure that none were wasted or hidden for use in rebellions. Hochschild goes on to point out that the killing of the Congolese was not an elaborate program of the ethnic genocide, it nonetheless represented murder on a grand scale. This massacre, as I like to call it, killed between five and eight million Africans and I cant help but think of how devastating that must have been to their entire nation. In the early 1900s (1908 to be specific) when Moral began to publicize the events taking place in Leopolds Congo, Leopold attempted to destroy the evidence. For eight days the furnaces in Leopolds Brussels headquarters were at full blast, as Congo State archives were turned to ash. He sent word to his agent in the Congo to do likewise. Therefore the entire Belgian State followed the Politics of Forgetting,. As it may have been so easy for them to forget I am quite sure that the residence of the Congo have not. The ghosts are unhappy there, I presume, and the gallons of slain blood have turned into hard clay but they have not forgotten. Considering it was in the early 1900s, it is most amazing and almost surreal to grasp the realization that in a time when blacks in America were coming into their own, getting educated, and even going to the lengths of forming Greek organizations, that their fellow brother in Africa were being brutally mutilated and stripped of their humanity. Hochschild has done an exemplary job of writing this book by gathering details and evidence not to mention the wonderful writing skills that hes displayed throughout the entire book. In my opinion, the account of shocking and brutal nature of Belgian colonial rule, is worth reading on its own, if only to remind us of the horror of the colonialism from which the US has recently escaped. And anyone with an interest in the way we car for or mistreat other humanbeings may find a great deal of food for thought here as well. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hochschild, a renowned journalist has taken on Stalin and Russian psyche in previous books. He has been criticized the almost exclusive focus of the CRA movement on Belgium, citing comparable brutality by the US in the Philippines, the British in Australia, the Germans in what is now Namibia. BibliographyHochschild, Adam King Leopolds Ghost:a story of greed, terror, and heroism in colonial Africa. First Mariner Books 1998. New YorkBook Reports