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Australian Income Tax Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Australian Income Tax police - Essay ExampleThe expense of government to the individuals of a great nation is like the expense of steering to the joint tenants of a great estate, who are all obliged to contribute in proportion to their individual interests in the estate. In the observation or neglect of this maxim consists what is called the equality or inequality of taxation. every tax, it must be observed once for all, which falls finally upon one only of the three sorts of receipts above mentioned, is necessarily unequal in so far as it does not affect the another(prenominal) two.Looking at income tax rates methodology, we see that a taxpayers income is taxed progressively. Broadly, this means that as you earn to a greater extent income your average tax rate rises. And its really fair Progressive taxation means that high income earners pay more tax than lower income earners. The Government defined a maximum sum, which is not taxed $6000. permits imagine, that your income is equal to X. Then if your income lays between youll pay 17% from (X-$6,000) sum. If your income is , you must pay more - $2,652 (according to preceding rule) and 30% from (X-$21,600) sum, etc. This is achieved by taxing a range of income brackets as a set contribution or cents in the dollar. These income brackets are called tax brackets. The following tables detail the tax brackets of our progressive tax organization for the financial years ending 30 June 2005 and 30 June 2006.

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Cross Culture Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Cross Culture Marketing - Essay ExampleCross- heathenish securities industry calls for markets to be conscious and sensitive to the differences in culture, and to respect the consumers cultural rights in different cultures and in the marketing places. Marketers have to realize that consumers deserve the right to their culture. Hofstede (2001) carried out studies in more than 100 countries and cogitate that there are five basic value elements which are individualism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity/femininity, power standoffishness and long term verses short term orientation that affects consumers behavior. Thus, for the marketer to be conquerors in the cross-cultural marketing they have to create marketing mix which meets consumers cultural values and norms. (Hofstede, 1991)This paper will deal with maiden Computers Inc. as a information processing system hardware and software company. The company manufactures, supports, develops and treats a wide variety of products and go including PCs, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals etc. The paper will investigate the current business sector strategies used by the company to conquer cross- cultural business in two countries which are china and Germany examine cultural aspects in this two countries and analyze the ways the company is using to be survive in its business.Due to modernization and advancement in technology, most businesses are beginning to explore global markets for better profits and opportunities. Cullen & Boteeah (2005) notes that, in the recent past trading has become increasingly global in some way because of the need to gather and increase the companys financial bases. Advancement in technology including converse efficiency and better international relations has contributed to the promotion of the international trade. Competition has however become a great challenge to the success of international trade but most companies are rising to the challenge, to accomplish greater investments and better market opportunities in the international market. Other rationale reasons for venturing in global market for the company areThe computer hardware manufacturing industry has become 1 of the industries that have grown hugely over a very short period of time. Thus it is possible to have the products from this company sell quite easily in oversees market. As Cullen & Boteeah (2005) observers computers have become a major attraction for an modify social life and also in the communication and technology arena. Computers have also become one of the most sorts after kinds of machines among the world population and any other sector in the world today. pair with the fact that the Chinese and Germany population are one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world, it is possible to reach out a very huge market share for this company compared to other countries with somewhat lower population. A description of the product/serviceThis compa ny offers a wide variety of products including the manufacture, assembly, and maintenance of computers and other computer devices. The company has risen from being a retailer of used computers to become one of the improved companies in the sector. The company has been for the past two years getting recognition and that it believes it has met the needs for the domestic market and instanter it needs to explore the international market to China and Germany. The distinctive cultural difference(s) of the China and Germany

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Contract law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Contract law - Case story ExampleAs Gavrilovic (2013) has noted, under the Second Schedule of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, a supplier party should make fittings for the consumer as a way of fulfilling the spirit of reasonableness of contractual terms. In light of these provisions, the University has provided Ms Edwards adequate accommodation of 20 discount on her weekly rental fee. This accommodation by the University renders her alleged unreasonableness of the institutions contract terms a, b and c in the moving in agreement void.Regulation 5(1) of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 provides the definition of an unfair contractual term as unrivalled that has not had the input of the consumer or one that substantially impacts the rights and responsibilities of the parties to an extent that it creates an imbalance of the duties or one that negatively affects the spirit of good faith. In this case, Ms Edwards acceptable of the tenancy contract terms offe red by the University against other less favourable options provided by the private sector can be construed to mean as a student she negotiated for the lower rental fee (Toms, 2009).A contract term that results in pregnant imbalance and thus unfair to a consumer, requires that the condition has to be seen as detrimental to the consumer and extremely near to the supplier in terms of profits (Gavrilovic, 2013). In this case, the University did not intend to benefit in both way whatsoever by limiting Ms Edwards and any other students thirst to hold parties within the institutions premises. In fact, the rule is part of the institutions work of care in ensuring that the organizations assets including the human resources are safeguarded from any harm within the Universitys property. In light of this second rule, the contractual terms are fair and reasonable to the plaintiff.Lastly, the terms which the

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Evaluate the contributions made by the chicago school to our Essay

value the contributions made by the chicago school to our understandings of crime and the urban environment - Essay ExampleThe dinero School of Sociology moved the study of crime away from the basic and overly-simplified Biological and Physiological explanations of the 19th hundred onwards, promulgated by such positivist theorists as Lombroso1 which sought to explain criminal behaviour by means of body type arguing that pathology was located in the individual. Fortuitously we live in an age where the gay Genome Project has nullified once and for all the idea that criminal behaviour can be explained flatly by body type. Whilst equity enforcers may discriminate against certain physical features, theoretical law does not. Theoretical law concerns itself with the intention (mens rea) of the defendant who must also charter undertaken a prohibited follow out (actus rea)a.It was increasingly apparent that such Biological and Physiological theories did not offer a universal theory fo r the existence of crime or its perpetrators. For guinea pig, those theories had no explanation to offer for white-collar crime undertaken by persons who had and have - no apparent genetic, social or educational deprivation excuses for their criminal behaviour. Edwin Sutherlands studies in the mid-forties of White Collar Crime argued that white collar crime was rarely detected or prosecuted, as it appeared to be victimless crime and was committed by high net worth individuals. However in new-made years there has been considerable focus on white collar criminals. A pertinent example is the former media mogul Conrad Black who is currently awaiting his turn on the witness stand. Pictures of the defendant clearly record that he does not have a low forehead.Besides raising significant counter-arguments to previous universally accepted criminological theories, the Chicago School opened a whole new avenue of semiempirical sociology research as they examined the impact of environment on behaviour setting out to answer the next question Why is there

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Executing, Controlling, and Closing Projects Essay

Executing, Controlling, and remainder Projects - Essay ExampleQMS through Quality planning, Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) and inspection directs and controls wholly OMS processes to achieve continual quality improvement of products/services supplied by an which effects quality accordance of products/services provided by the organization. Under such cases, outsourced processes/products/services are recorded in Quality direction plan to ensure control on the outsourced agencies to achieve required quality. Management must be connected for quality improvement. Management should ensure guests focus is given top priority by clearly documenting responsibility, control and communication channels at all levels of the organization. Customer related process like customer requirements, customer communications, purchasing process, verification and validation of purchased product, service provision, identification and traceability of product/ service , preservation of products, control of monitoring, test/ measuring rod devices, procedures for analyzing and improvement, control of non-conformities related to product/service should be laid down customer satisfaction should be given top most priority by analysis of data and implementation of corrective actions, stoppage actions must be planned for continual improvement.9.0 As TopLiance Corporation decided to implement on-line gross revenue program, the corporation must ensure and uninterrup

The explanatory gap Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The explanatory spread head - Essay ExampleJohn Levine introduced the explanatory scissure for the difficulty that the intellect theories of physicalists have in explaining the physical properties in giving rise to the way things experienced when they are felt. Levine in his 1983 article used the explanatory gap to point out that even though it might be applicable in a physiological sense, the explanatory gap does not embolden our understanding of pain feeling. The explanatory gap has intrigued and vexed a number of researchers and philosophers in a identical way in the past decades and resulted into a considerable debate. Finding a fulfilling and gratifying mechanistic business relationship to bridge the gap is a hard problem. This paper seeks to define the explanatory gap, and highlight whether or not the explanatory gap poses an obstacle to stuff and nonsenseism with reference to the work of Levine. The explanatory gap infers that there is an being of a gap of consistent a nd rational meaningful information that describe and account for characteristics and qualities of consciousness processes, heart and soul and states that it is explicable to a rational and logical level of mastery. That is to say, explanatory gap is in the human concept. The margin explanatory gap does not illustrate a gap in nature, but rather a gap in our own understanding of nature (Levine 1983). Joseph Levine in his works demonstrates the explanatory gap as an obstacle to materialism. Materialism holds that there exist identities between material softs and conscious kinds. Joseph Levine illustrates that pain is identical with the C-fibers carrier bag, and too gives an example of viewing something are red which is identical with an activity in the visual V4 area cortex. Joseph Levine in addition looks at the explanatory gap as an obstacle to materialism in the line with contemporary orthodoxy materialist, and that such kind of identities are posteriori. Levine argues that it is a matter of scientific investigation, to ascertain whether or not pain is the firing C-fibers, rather than conceptual reflection to seeing things as red is an activity in the V4 area in the visual cortex. In this regard, the identities of mind and brain that are discovered will be of the same kind to such exemplary a posteriori identities of science as that of temperature is mean kinetic energy, or that of water is water system. on that point is also a good scientific evidence for the presence of such like brain and mind identities. In particular cases, there are direct evidence in the co-occurrence of certain material kinds and conscious kinds. Joseph Levine even asserted that the identities of mind and brain strike quite differently from the apparently gibe scientific identities (Levine 1983). Levine cites some questions to demonstrate the explanatory gap as an obstacle to materialism presume that we genuinely have evidence that pain is the same as firing of C-fiber and i s one. Would we not still want to give and find out why firing of C-fiber feels pain instead of something else? And why there is pain in the firing of the C-fiber? There is however no analogous questions that press on us in about of the scientific cases. For example, after finding out that water is H2O, there is no further feeling of the motivating to know why even when there is H2O, we still have water, or why water is H2O and not anything else. This is the reason Joseph Levine coined the explanatory gap in order to give an impression that something have been leftover unexplained by mind and brain identities. Many other philosophers besides Joseph Levine have argued that explanatory gap emerges because people cannot draw from the facts

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Science and technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Science and technology - Essay ExampleHowever, level off through the years of all the research, the AI project remains a failure (Kassan 1). Despite of this, Hawkins is real that humans are capable of producing artificial intelligence (qtd. in Kassan 1). Honda, a Japanese mobile company, proven that Hawkinss statement is rather accurate by creating ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility). The robot is verbalize to be the most human-like creation Honda has ever made. By 2005, ASIMO is better, stronger, and faster. ASIMO can do things like turn on light switches, open doors, carry objects, and push carts (Orbinger and Strickland). Robots pretty much do the things that humans can non do or simply do not want to do. This is a good deal for people who are also busy to do the chores at home or for someone who does not want additional lode when he comes from work. Yet, the question still remains Do we really need robots to do all these things? In a brighter perspective, robots can do things more efficiently, and without the continuous cost and social upheaval (Ethical Issues). Is this not an insult to the capacity of humans to these jobs? It seems like the term more efficiently degrades the value of human work. Robotics, though a proof of humans intelligence, should not be taken as slave machines and made them do all the humans are capable of doing because first, it will affect human resources and job displacements, it would alter the natural, and it would forcibly pass through human limitation and eventually leading to the realization of the concept of Singularity.Necessity is the get under ones skin of invention the seed of all production, or is it? The concept of necessity seems to have changed through the course of impulsive technological revolution. In the different kinds of industry, cutting the production costs without risking quality